Martha’s Cafe

Martha's Cafe

The most beautiful Café in Belize.

Overlooking the  Belize Harbour/Caribbean Sea in one of the  estate’s Historic Colonial Buildings is the Most Beautiful Cafe in Belize….Martha’s Cafe. Boasting high ceilings, polished hardwood floors, huge picture windows, and a wraparound veranda which offers a commanding view of the historic Haulover Creek &  Caribbean Sea. Enjoy a glass of wine the evening and take in the  Best Sunsets on Earth. 

Our  delicious, creative menu and warm,  friendly staff awaits you. Menu items include great coffee, tasty meals, vegan/vegetarian options, cold press juices, kombucha, dairy-free smoothies, selected wines and and the local Belikin beer.

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday 7:00am - 7:00pm
Sunday - Closed

Martha's Cafe


Bruschetta $14BZD/$7USD – V
Cashew cheese w/ Corn Chips & Veggie Sticks $22BZE/ $11USD – V, GF
Vegan Hummus w/ Corn Chips & Veggie StickS $20ZD/$10USD – V, GF
Tropical Ceviche w/ Corn Chips $18BZD/$9USD – V, GF
Samosas with Chutney (3) $14BZD/$7USD – V
Vegan Chips and Dip $13BZD/$6.50USD – V, GF
Om Shanti House Salad –contains nuts served with homemade Balsamic -Guava Dressing $25BZD/$12.50USD – V, GF
Fully Loaded Vegan Nachos $25BZE/$12.50USD – V, GF

Martha’s Famous Carrot Cake $10 – VG
Martha’s Famous Carrot Cake (Regular) $10BZD/$5USD – V
Martha’s Famous Carrot Cake (Vegan) $10BZD / $5USD
Vegan Chocolate Brownie $8BZD / $4USD– V
Vegan Banana Bread / Muffins $3BZD / $1.50USD – V
Turmeric Spiced Latte Ice-cream $6.00 BZD / $3.00USD per scoop – VG, GF
Golden Milk Vegan Ice-cream $6.00 BZD / $3.00USD per scoop– V, GF

$15BZE / $7.50USD

Vegan Coconut Curry Lentils – V, GF
Carrot Ginger – VG, GF
Gazpacho – V, GF




Double Blend $12BZD/$6.00USD
Triple Blend $14 BZD/ $7.00USD
Special Triple Blend $16BZD/ $8.00SD

Choose from:
(Seasonal) Mango, Apple, Banana, Pineapple, Mint, Kale, Ginger, Carrot, Coconut, Orange, Chocolate, Peanut Butter

“No Tuna” made from curried chic peas on whole wheat $10BZE / $5USD – V
Open Face “No Tuna Sandwich $10BZE / $5USD – V, GF
Crispy Cucumber(with olives and buttered with hummus) $10BZE / $5USD – V
Mozzarella Cheese Panini $8BZE / $4USD – VG

Espresso $6 BZD/ $3 USD
Latte (regular) $10 BZD/ $5USD
Latter (soy) $12 BZD /$6USD
Add Ginger $3 BZD/ $1.50USD
Martha’s Hot Chocolate (has nuts) $10 BZD / $5 USD (reg) / $12 BZD/ $6 USD (soy)
Herbal Tea / Americano $4BZD/ $2USD
Bottle Water $2BZD / $1USD

Vegan Tamales with side salad $22BZE / $11.50USD – V, GF
Homemade Basil Pesto Pasta with side salad $20BZE / $10USD – VG
No Bun Vegan Cheese Burger w/ Ceviche and side salad $24BZE / $12USD – V
Martha’s Famous Garden Veggie Lasagna w/ side salad and whole wheat toast $23BZD / $11.50USD – VG
Crispy Cucumber Sandwich (V)..............................$8 with soup - $18
Vegan Curry Bowl with brown rice 23BZD / $11.50USD – V, GF
Mediterranean Buddha Bowl with Brown Rice $26BZD / $13USD – V, GF
Martha’s Spinach and Cheddar Quiche with side salad $12BZD/$6USD – V